Indicators of professionalism

A practical guide towards success

Indicators of professionalism

What makes an expert a professional?

From preparing for an interview to resigning from your job or until pension day, this book covers the proper business etiquette and all the indicators of professionalism you need to know about in order to become or stay as successful as possible in the workplace. Information is appropriate for professionals in any position from entry-level to CEO. By mastering modern standards of professionalism and business etiquette, a career can be started or saved and made even more successful. The rules of the game may have changed over time but there are still rules that can help make a job into a career and assist students to take charge of their professional future. Don’t wait for your career to rule over your life, start ruling over your desired career!

background information before the excerpt

The content of this book was given birth to after years of intensive and in-depth research on the lifestyle of some of the most professional people we have in business today. These are professionals with tangible results and proofs to show for all the work they have put into their industries. You can describe this book as a labor of love, one with a yearning to help the modern day business person excel in business by reaching the greatest height of professionalism. Written in a clear language and voice, the nuggets packed within these pages are enough to take your professionalism to another level. All you will need is the discipline to practice them.



About the book

This book ‘The Indicators of Professionalism’ contains 10 indicators that are generally used as measures of professionalism. They are all distinct from each other yet work together to form a strong synergy that can make anyone become a true professional, regardless of their place in the business world.

According to this book – professionalism is the harmony of all the professional indicators described in it!

During the research for this book, it was discovered that many new graduates and fresh recruits in organizations go into the business space with little or no idea of what is expected of them during interaction with colleagues and supervisors. After being tossed into the industry, they spend years scrambling around in confusion.

Sometimes even the most experienced experts forget about most of the professional indicators and that is the beginning of their professional fallout. That is why this book should be considered as a reminder of all the things experts already know and remember why are they not just experts, but professionals!

The main problem here is the ignorance of these indicators which are the small details on which professionalism is built in business. If one can assimilate and develop these indicators effectively, you can be assured of a smooth ride in any chosen career path.

These indicators, ranging from professional appearance to leadership methods, can help you stay at the top of your game while producing the most impressive results among competitors. These indicators do not only focus on your strengths, but do a great deal to help you identify weaknesses in your personality while showing you how to work on and improve them, maybe eliminate them totally. The book is a comprehensive guide on the intersectional relationship between these various indicators and how they can be practiced for optimum performance as professionals.

It is important to note that anyone willing to can work on and develop any of these indicators. You may find them stronger in some people than they are revealed in others, but this doesn’t mean that only a small set of individuals can possess them. All it takes is the right amount of discipline and a resolute mindset hell-bent on getting things done.   

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to generate more influence as a team leader, understand how to communicate effectively with teammates or learn how to show more respect to bosses and colleagues alike, the information in this book is enough to guide you on this journey.

The Indicators of Professionalism has as its core purpose the aim to help organizations and their employees create a better working environment where productivity, excellence and exceptionally amazing results become the order of the day. Sometimes even the most experienced experts forget about some professional indicators and that is the beginning of their professional fallout.Sometimes even the most experienced experts forget about some professional indicators and that is the beginning of their professional fallout.


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Professionalism is like a train that will guide you through your career life. If you get on the wrong train, every station will be the wrong one, and you will be getting further and further away from the desired destination where you initially wanted to go to.

Like the situation with the wrong train and train stations, the same is with your career, if you start it the right way, it will only guide you towards your wished destination – towards success!

Success for sure comes with the feeling of accomplishment, fluffiness and of course – happiness! Your professional success is your biggest professional achievement.

Read the book and catch the right train

Why this book? what is it so special?

For this book to hold any value for the reader, it is important that we understand what the phrase ‘indicators of professionalism’ means. Without that knowledge it will be hard to make any headway with the information packed into the chapters of this book.


To explain it in the most basic form, the indicators of professionalism are those factors that are used to gauge or measure the level of competence and expertise of any person in any professional field. 

Just as has been stated, these indicators work together to form one whole image of professionalism. People in business often find
themselves confused on what to do to develop their professionalism level. They think that it is all about just putting up a facade of professionalism. A few people find temporary success with this but never experience the true height of professionalism. With this approach there is only so far a person can go. What these people don’t know is that professionalism is built on the foundation of these indicators. Once an individual is able to fully understand and assimilate these indicators and how to use them, everything becomes a workover.

Some professionals find themselves excelling only with one indicator and flunking badly when they need to exhibit some others, and  ecause everyone around them keeps telling them how good they are in embodying that indicator, they think they have it all figured out. In the real sense, there is still a lot of work to be done. For such people, there will always remain a resistance to their business growth.


Then there are other professionals who have mastered all of these indicators so well that their colleagues and business partners see them
and wonder, ‘How does she/he do it?’ They remain a mystery to many because people just know that there is something different about them but it seems impossible to identify what it is or what makes them so outstanding. For anyone looking to fully encapsulate and  embody the smallest details of professionalism, the understanding of all these indicators is a necessity. 

nothing special about it, right?

This book isn’t just for reading… there is much more! 

Paperback version of the book is actually interacitive, you get to write down all your thoughts and take notes after every single indicator/chapter of the book. 

There is more! 

An interactive part is placed in a way that you need to take action and fill in your individual professional self-evaluation design to test your level of professionalism, and how dedicated a high-performer you are.




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High performing individuals
High performing individuals (2)





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this is the book for you!


What are these indicators and why do they matter?

Each chapter of this book takes a deep look into one indicator, dissecting it for the reader by explaining how and why it works. The indicators covered in the book include:

  • Professional Appearance
  • Temperament
  • Behaviour
  • High-performance Individuals
  • The Importance of Reflection
  • Leadership
  • Respect
  • Communication
  • Moral and Ethics
  • Difference between personal and professional life

Professional Appearance

It is often said that the way a person dresses is the way they will be addressed. This simple principle is one that is also quite important in any professional space. Many times, people in business ignore their outlook and overall presentation, forgetting that this small part of their professionalism can go a long way in making or marring their careers.

This majorly involves the process of understanding what is expected of you as a business person, especially when it relates to your dressing and organizational skills in the workplace. Little details will be outlined in this chapter that will help the reader make the right changes and see positive results. It is important to pay attention to this indicator since it is usually the first one that people get to see when interacting with an individual. If the mark is missed, it can be hard to redeem.   

Professional appearance
PraviLaw - Tadija Mitić


The temperament indicator covers a lot of things in the business space. The first is the ability to understand goal setting and implement that knowledge to ensure that goals are set and met. For this to happen, one must be reliable, trustworthy and confident in themselves. In this chapter, these concepts will be expounded upon and thoroughly explained to you, the reader. Other pertinent aspects of one’s temperament include detail-orientedness, ability to meet deadlines set by supervisors and employers, obeying the No Vanity Rule, showing initiative to any given project and knowing how to exude calmness in the face of crisis in the workplace.

Professional behaviour 

Coming across a person with the wrong behaviour can be a great turn off for clients and customers who have to interact with them. A lot of business people wish to develop their professionalism, but remain resistant to change in their behaviour. In reality, one can never be a true professional without first understanding the importance of the right behaviour.

Utilizing the behavioural aspect of professionalism can easily cause a person to stand out from the crowd. They make it easy to work with them and they are certainly a delight to their bosses who enjoy every single time collaborating with them on projects. In fact, during the interview stage of recruitment, employers hunt for potential employees who aren’t just skilled, but those who also have the right behaviour to back it up. Any employee with a wonderful and accommodating behaviour will always be a plus to the firm where he/she works.

Professional behaviour
High-Performing Individual

High-Performing Individual

The quality of high performance is one that cannot be overemphasized as an indicator of professionalism. High-performance in this sense simply refers to the quality of being able to produce high quality work with consistency, over a long period. Many people find themselves producing quality output, but only within a short duration before everything fizzles out and they are made to start afresh. The main secret to high-performance is understanding how to maintain this consistence and keep the momentum for a long stretch of time. The high-performance indicator can revamp a person’s professionalism level and help open new doors. Everyone in the business world loves the idea of collaborating with a high-performing individual. To assimilate this indicator, one must be willing to put in the work which majorly involves developing some positive habits that will be discussed in this book.

The Importance of Reflection

Reflection is important for people in business because it provides clarity, a rebirth of purpose and helps to keep one’s gaze on the main vision. Reflection is majorly a personal and intimate process that helps to reveal certain truths about you and teach you more about yourself. Unfortunately, many people are afraid of what they will find when they decide to truly reflect on their past actions and decisions. To help themselves cope and escape from the guilt, they prefer not to face the reality of these questions and the answers they provide.

For anyone looking to do better and become better in their industry, then reflection is a must. This reflection can be daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. Whatever it is, there need to be some form of accountability. The incoming future is majorly a reflection of the outgoing past, and many times there may be a repetition of events and scenarios. It is the exhaustive reflection done now that will guarantee a success story in the future.

Professional leader


Every professional is expected to possess a certain level of leadership trait in them. You don’t have to be in a position of leadership before you can exhibit these traits. In fact, many times people who aren’t in great positions of power find themselves leading others and doing so exceptionally well.  

Leadership here simply connotes the ability to inspire and motivate others (teammates, subordinates, colleagues, supervisors) to take action and produce results. From this definition, one can see that this is an indicator of professionalism that is required in everyone in the workplace. A great misconception is that leadership is only about dishing out instructions to people of lower standing and getting them to obey. In reality, a lower staff in an organization can end up taking the wheel in a team and directing them towards amazing success.


Respect is one of the strongest pillars of professionalism. For any workspace to enjoy conduciveness and cooperation among members of staff, respect has to be an integral part of their daily interaction. For this to happen, everyone will need to put in the work, from the bosses and employers down to the lower ranking staff. But then, it is one thing to respect someone and it is another thing to be able to effectively show them that respect. Sadly, many professionals lack the knowledge required on how to show respect to their colleagues and teammates.

To build the respect indicator of professionalism, one must be ready to put in the required work. You will have to unlearn and relearn a lot of past mental conditioning. You will be shown how to do just that in this book.

Professional communication


All business relationships are built on the foundation of communication. And communication in this sense can refer to anything from oral, visual or even body languages. These small nuances matter, and they are capable of determining the success or failure of any interaction in the workspace. Good communication techniques can inspire motivation. Without a concrete understanding of these techniques, there will be many breaks in the transmission of necessary information needed to direct teammates.

Moral and Ethics

What is professionalism without having a full grasp of moral and ethics. Moral and ethics are governed by a person’s value system. Before you can exhibit good moral and ethics, you must first identify your value system. You must know what you stand for and why you stand for it. People who interact with you in the business space will define you by how much you are able to uphold the moral standards you have set for yourself.

Difference between personal and professional life

Difference between personal and professional life

The final mark of professionalism, one that is greatly ignore today in the business world, is the ability to differentiate between personal and professional life. The line between these two is so thin and if care is not taken factors from both ends can affect one’s overall performance. Here, you will be shown how to gracefully keep the two apart while reaching optimum productivity on both ends.

"Use this book as a guide and return to it as much as possible to refresh your mind on the things you may have forgotten."
Tadija Mitić - osnivač
Tadija Mitic

An important question for every current employee is this: Where do you see yourself professionally in the next five to ten years? The answer to this will depend on how you choose to develop your skillset and improve on your professional etiquette. It starts with the employee. It starts with all of those decisions made now that will affect the future.

All of the topics, discussed in this book, cannot be developed at once. The employee will need to make a selection and work on them as time goes on. It may be to get better at being detail-oriented, owning up to mistakes or in the aspect of goal-setting. The employee should find out qualities that are most lacking in their professional etiquette and begin to prioritize their development by taking all of the necessary steps needed.

The truth is that none of these can be achieved except through great determination and dedication. At some point, the employee who is seeking to get more professional in the business place will experience some form of discouragement. But this isn’t reason enough to stop the struggle and resort to mediocrity. The bar will always be set an inch higher and it is the duty of the employee to continue to reach high enough to scale this bar.

Finally, nothing in this book will mean anything if action is not taken. Remember, it is one thing to take action and it is another thing to take immediate action. Now that you have come to the end of this journey, a new one will start soon, and it is this one that will require action. Use this book as a guide and return to it as much as possible to refresh your mind on the things you may have forgotten. It may take a while but the benefits of professionalism in the workplace will soon come rolling in you will certainly enjoy them.

Back Cover Content

Employers, supervisors and bosses are constantly in search of potential employees and teammates that will work together to build a conducive work environment to facilitate growth, increased levels of productivity and long-term success. For this to happen, employees in any workplace must strive to attain and maintain the optimum levels of professionalism which is required to meet company goals and visions. The topic of professionalism which has been overlooked in business for a long time now is one that determines the success of any organization.

When professionalism is introduced and accepted by the human resources in any workspace, there will be a uniform mode of operation among its staff members. The values to be derived from this are many, one of which is respect for supervisors, colleagues and subordinates. This respect also extends to that shown to clients and customers to give them the best service experience. Companies who are renowned for their professionalism level are known to have a bright reputation in the public’s eye. This in itself is a form of business promotion and advertisement.

This book is for students, potential employees and aspiring professionals who are looking to:

·       Understand professionalism and what it entails

·       Assimilate the indicators of professionalism and learn how to develop them

·       Become a team member that colleagues will look up to

·       Harness the power of professionalism and how it can foster productivity


This volume contains all of the information you will need to get this done and more. Of course, action is needed to achieve any of this. Treat this book as a guidebook, one that you will refer to occasionally if you ever need help. The nuggets and resources to skyrocket your professionalism level are all in there.   

about the author

Tadija Mitić - osnivač

Tadija Mitic

Tadija Mitic (in Serbian: Tadija Mitić) was born in Serbia, South-east Europe, where he still lives with his wife and child.
Regarding his career he is a CAS coordinator of the IB (International baccalaureate) Department at the IB World School Gymnasium “Svetozar Markovic” in Nis, Serbia; Also he is a teacher of economics & business class in the same educational institution. He is a former office administration lawyer (educational lawyer) of the Gymnasium “Svetozar Markovic” in Nis, Serbia. According to his formal education, he holds two master’s degrees: Master in Law (LL.M.) and Master in Economics (M.Ec.). Experienced mediator – Alternative dispute resolution, licensed by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia. The proponent of professionalism and an author of the book “Indicators of professionalism”. Founder of organization PraviLaw for promoting the rule of law in Serbia and the Balkan region. Owner of the website pravilaw.rsthe first ‘Legal Influencer’ in Serbia. Regarding foreign languages, he only speaks English unfortunately. Positive, motivated, and dedicated employee – in one word: a professional. In constant search of new knowledge and education. Philanthropist and supporter of sustainable development ideology. Tadija is an eternal optimist.